Cheap Will Solutions For Uncertain Times

Amongst the regular rank and file of society, misconceptions can exist that wills are mainly for people with lots of assets, money and property to leave after their passing. That is, of course, if you happen to give wills a second thought at all. Let’s be brutally honest, wills are hardly the most enjoyable thing in the world to think about, and they are not something that just happens to spring to mind as you go about your daily business. No one wants to think about mortality because it is often quite a taboo subject in our minds.

Yet desperate times can call for desperate measures. While the elderly and people with underlying health conditions are deemed to be at the highest risk of contracting coronavirus, it has proved to be both random and ruthless. Whether we like it or not, we have all been obliged to take the potential threat to our health seriously. It’s a frightening time, particularly for vulnerable groups. A time when you may be preparing for the worst. Not morbidly, but as a matter of sheer common sense. This includes safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against the perils of passing away intestate.

Coronavirus, like any disease, doesn’t discriminate in terms of bank account sizes. No matter who you are and what you own, there’s no better time than now to take out a fast will that doesn’t have a bank-breaking price tag attached. It’s a perfectly logical step if you have any assets at all that you would like to have a say about. Hopefully, it won’t need to be referred to in the near future. But the current unprecedented situation is certainly a huge prompt to get things in order right now if you are a parent, a homeowner, a business owner, a car owner, have even a relatively small amount of savings, or personal items of monetary and sentimental value.

The vast majority of the UK population has done its utmost best to uphold the government guidelines to protect against and ultimately beat coronavirus. Think of having a will as an additional safety measure for your nearest and dearest. If you die without having made one, the consequences can cost them dearly, in financial and emotional terms. Any automatic assumptions you may have about who gets what in the general scheme of things can, in reality, bear little resemblance to what English law dictates.

An online will is a good option if you are time-poor, and don’t have the time or inclination to make an appointment to meet with a Solicitor in person. Most of us turn to the internet these days for any and every aspect of life, making an online will is no different, and can also be a cheap will option. You can work your way through the details from where ever you like, whenever is convenient for you to do so. Support is available from the team if you need any assistance, offering the reassurance of your end product being a cost-effective cheap will that doesn’t skimp on efficacy.

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