Coronavirus Threat Increases Demand For Wills

“The Covid-19 pandemic is leading to a large rise in the number of people making or updating their wills,” a spokesperson for the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Emily Deane, told The Guardian on 31st March.”

This uplift in demand from a worried cross-section of the UK population wanting to make a fast will mirrors exactly what’s been happening on the other side of the pond. Since mid-March, when coronavirus began to impact everyday life across the western world, CNBC reported an unprecedented increase in the number of people making online will arrangements. One company, Gentreo in Boston, experienced a dramatic 143% week on week increase by 23rd March.

It’s not a knee-jerk reaction, it’s a very real concern that you are far from alone in sharing. The figures on the UK government’s website reflect the reality and gravity of the situation. As of 14th April, 313,769 tests had been conducted, of which 98,476 returned positive results. By the same date, there had been 12,868 deaths in UK hospitals of patients with positive coronavirus test results. These devastating figures exclude home deaths, and also deaths of elderly patients in care homes, which are more difficult to track definitively.

As a nation we are weekly acknowledging the hard work, dedication, and risk of NHS personnel, applauding in our millions every Thursday evening. Our appreciation is well warranted. If you are a healthcare provider, you and your colleagues have additional cause for concern on the frontline. You can give yourself valuable peace of mind to help offset the challenging circumstances you are working through daily, by making a fast will online, if you don’t already have one.

Coronavirus has created such a broad and vast pool of people realising that intestacy needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. It’s not an impossibility, but it would be pretty unusual that you would be satisfied with your estate becoming state property after you pass away, regardless of how small you might consider your estate to be. That’s the potential situation you leave your family in, should you fall victim to the disease without having taken the relevant action.

Why risk depriving yourself of any influence over what happens next to your property, your belongings, your savings, even your children? Bear in mind that probate laws governing English courts may dictate a completely different set of consequences after your death for your family and your possessions than you consider to be natural and logical. As such, the online will making upsurge is no great shock.

Furthermore, affordable but professional online will writing services such as those offered by are befitting for a socially distanced self-isolated population. This fast will writing method can be completed easily and fuss-free anywhere that you can log online, at any time out of 24 hours. The team are happy to help with any queries you may have whilst completing the process, resulting in a fast will, made quickly and simply online, without the need for making an appointment and attending a Solicitors’ office in person.

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