Would you leave your loved ones to a game of chance?

Keeping It In The Family Can Be Complex Without Wills

The term ‘blended family’ has become part of everyday language over the past few decades, in reference to family units where one or both of the parents have been married before, may have children together, and one or both has children from previous marriages or relationships. In such cases, which there are hundreds of thousands of, professional will packages are available.

It is imperatively important for both of you to make a will as soon as you possibly can if your family is blended, to ensure you leave nothing to chance in the event of your death. And make no mistake. You may well be unintentionally leaving your loved ones to a game of chance if one of you should, for example, become fatally ill with coronavirus, and pass away intestate. With no ‘instructions’ left.

To illustrate the importance of contacting CreativeLegals.com to make a quick will to save time, let’s imagine that you’re Anna. You have been married and divorced in the past. Your second husband is Brendan. Charlotte is the daughter you and Brendan have had together. You also have David from your previous marriage, and Brendan has Emma from his previous marriage. You tragically become a victim of coronavirus before getting round to making the online will you had intended to. So, what next?

Assuming Brendan is still living, he automatically inherits everything from you as your next of kin.

If Charlotte, David, and Emma outlive Brendan, and he also dies intestate without leaving a will, his next of kin and legal heirs are Charlotte and Emma, his children. Your son David is entitled to nothing unless he had been legally adopted by Brendan. David’s only hope of securing anything from Brendan’s estate would be based on the goodwill of Charlotte and Emma. Or a costly and traumatic legal battle with them.

A similar situation in reverse would arise if Brendan has already passed away before you. Charlotte and David are entitled to everything. Emma doesn’t have any entitlement to anything at all without any provision having been made by yourself and Brendan.

Whilst none of us especially wants to turn our attention to wills, it’s far from unusual that you find yourself taking a closer look at fast will options, now more than ever, with the very real threat of coronavirus hanging over us all. If your family unit is a blended family unit, the prospect of you and/or your spouse or civil partner dying intestate can cause unimaginable problems for your children after your passing. Problems that can particularly impact children that either or both of you had from previous marriages or relationships.

But help is at hand from CreativeLegals.com. Highly affordable, fast, professional online will making services are available, which you and your ‘Brendan’ can go through together to achieve an end result that won’t leave anybody out in a variety of worst-case scenarios. Don’t leave your children’s future to a game of chance. Have YOUR WILL, YOUR WAY. Contact us today and have a say in your children’s future.

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