Evictions: What are the eviction options available right now?

A client once asked what the first stage in divorce proceedings is and that being my umpteenth case, I honestly responded, “The wedding”.This analogy holds equally true for eviction proceedings. When entering into the tenancy matrimony as it were, it is crucial to be mindful of the much-despised but real possibility of an eviction inContinue reading “Evictions: What are the eviction options available right now?”

HM Land Registry electronic signatures accepted – Signed, Sealed, Delivered

HM Land Registry to accept electronic signature Great news for PROPERTY PEOPLE.  Finally, HM Land Registry is now accepting electronic signatures on property documentation. This includes deeds for transfers of ownership of property, leases, lease options, lease option agreements, mortgages and other property dealings. It removes the requirement to print and sign a paper document:Continue reading “HM Land Registry electronic signatures accepted – Signed, Sealed, Delivered”

Coronavirus: 9 step guide for landlords and letting agents

1. What must I do if my tenant can’t pay rent? Tenants have been urged to pay rent and stick to the terms of their tenancy agreements to the best of their ability. Where tenants find themselves unable to pay rent due to a job cut they are encouraged to seek financial assistance from coronavirusContinue reading “Coronavirus: 9 step guide for landlords and letting agents”

Is the Coronavirus Act 2020 a blessing for tenants and doom for landlords?

The Coronavirus Act 2020 has been welcomed by most tenants as “an Act from heaven”. Under the Act, landlords will not be able to commence possession proceedings in court unless they have given their tenant a three-month notice (subject to review). All court action for eviction is on hold since the 25th of March 2020,Continue reading “Is the Coronavirus Act 2020 a blessing for tenants and doom for landlords?”

Bounce Back Loan Scheme

The British government launched the Bounce Back Loan Scheme to help businesses adversely affected with 100% government-backed loans in a bid to help businesses amid the coronavirus epidemic. Under the scheme, applicants can make applications for 2,000 – 50 000 Pounds. Creative Legal Solutions Solicitors as a firm committed to helping small to medium-sized businessesContinue reading “Bounce Back Loan Scheme”

Business Interruption Insurance and Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, businesses have been focusing mainly on the wellbeing of their employees and that of their clients. The need to protect the general public has resulted in governments across the world calling for citizens who are not in the essential services industry to stay at home. The move has beenContinue reading “Business Interruption Insurance and Coronavirus”

Would you leave your loved ones to a game of chance?

Keeping It In The Family Can Be Complex Without Wills The term ‘blended family’ has become part of everyday language over the past few decades, in reference to family units where one or both of the parents have been married before, may have children together, and one or both has children from previous marriages orContinue reading “Would you leave your loved ones to a game of chance?”

Your “other half” is unlikely to get the other half of your inheritance?

If you are living together in a committed relationship, but not married or in a civil partnership, your lack of a will could have the most serious outcomes in the event of your death for the person you may consider to be your next of kin. The issue is that, in the eyes of theContinue reading “Your “other half” is unlikely to get the other half of your inheritance?”

Can’t Pay vs Won’t Pay: Dealing with Rental Arrears

If a tenant can’t pay rent due to being laid off in the COVID-19 pandemic, the landlord may be left with a headache and potentially out of pocket. So, what actions could – or should – a landlord take in these unsure times? The first aspect is understanding the financial situation of the property. IfContinue reading “Can’t Pay vs Won’t Pay: Dealing with Rental Arrears”

COVID-19 Act of God (Force Majeure) – is it?

The scope of this article is to discuss the effects of Covid-19 on contractual obligations. The general rule of contracts is that each party to a contract has to perform its end of the contract. What then happens when it becomes impossible for a party to a contract to perform because of an Act of God (forceContinue reading “COVID-19 Act of God (Force Majeure) – is it?”