COVID-19 Act of God (Force Majeure) – is it?

The scope of this article is to discuss the effects of Covid-19 on contractual obligations. The general rule of contracts is that each party to a contract has to perform its end of the contract. What then happens when it becomes impossible for a party to a contract to perform because of an Act of God (forceContinue reading “COVID-19 Act of God (Force Majeure) – is it?”

Options for Renters Who Cannot Pay

The Coronavirus pandemic certainly caught the world unprepared and forced us into a lockdown, the prospect of the world returning to normal is still a long way off. This means that many people are still having to work from home and those who can’t, are relying on Government support to cover mortgages and bills. ButContinue reading “Options for Renters Who Cannot Pay”

Intestacy Pecking Order Isn’t Always The Right Order

It’s probably safe to say that you’re not going through life, working hard for yourself and your family if you have one, pondering over what to leave to who in the event of your death. All well and good, but, for the vast majority of people, preparing for death by making a will is aContinue reading “Intestacy Pecking Order Isn’t Always The Right Order”

Coronavirus Threat Increases Demand For Wills

“The Covid-19 pandemic is leading to a large rise in the number of people making or updating their wills,” a spokesperson for the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, Emily Deane, told The Guardian on 31st March.” This uplift in demand from a worried cross-section of the UK population wanting to make a fast willContinue reading “Coronavirus Threat Increases Demand For Wills”

Cheap Will Solutions For Uncertain Times

Amongst the regular rank and file of society, misconceptions can exist that wills are mainly for people with lots of assets, money and property to leave after their passing. That is, of course, if you happen to give wills a second thought at all. Let’s be brutally honest, wills are hardly the most enjoyable thingContinue reading “Cheap Will Solutions For Uncertain Times”