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Eviction Lawyers in Luton

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We provide creative solutions to all your eviction needs in Luton.

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Creative legals are your one stop shop for evictions and other landlord-tenant legal services in Luton. 

We do a lot more than evictions! At Creativelegals, we provide effective, creative solutions to the everyday problems all of our clients’ face. We take the time to really get to know you, your business, and your overall legal situation. That enables us to provide innovative solutions that really work for your benefit. We’re creative, but we never lose sight of why we’re here – to make life easier for you.

Our clients have included major supermarkets like Sainsburys, global banks including Barclays Bank plc, large retailers such as Argos and Homebase and major transport companies as well as individuals at all income levels. Evictions are our real bread-and-butter, though, and we specialise in recovering possession of both commercial and residential properties.

Creativelegals are your Tenant Eviction specialists in Luton.

Eviction is the safe, legal way to rid yourself of a tenant in Luton who doesn’t respect the terms of their tenancy agreement, regularly makes late rent payments or fails to care for your property the way they should. Keeping a bad tenant around can severely harm your bottom line and can even strain your relationship with the property’s neighbours – or neighbouring landlords. 

Creative legals’ experienced tenant eviction team are standing by, ready to help you remove problematic tenants in Luton quickly, efficiently, and above all with all propriety and attention to detail. We get to know you, your property and your situation in order to find the best and fastest ways to get you back into possession of the property and in a position to rent it out again profitably. 

If you are experiencing tenant problems in Luton, it is vital that you get qualified legal advice as soon as possible, and you really need to talk to an eviction specialist like Creative legals before attempting to evict a tenant yourself! Don’t run the risk of being accused of harassing your tenants in Luton, or of violating their rights. If you need to talk about an eviction or virtually any other legal matter, please contact us straight away at 020 31376336. We promise to get back to you quickly with the best legal advice in Luton!

Tenant Eviction in Luton

What is tenant eviction?

There is a set procedure for removing a tenant from your property if they have violated the terms of your tenancy agreement or committed certain other actions. The law sets out very clear procedures that a landlord has to follow in order to evict a tenant legally, and if you do not follow them you could suffer penalties for attempting to evict someone illegally or for harassment of a tenant. 

What are the legal reasons for evicting a tenant in Luton?

There are actually quite a few, more than we could easily list here. But the most common legally acceptable reasons for evicting a tenant these days are:

  • Damaging the property or allowing it to fall into disrepair
  • Engaging in anti-social behaviour
  • Late or unpaid rent
  • Not complying with the rental agreement or other contract, perhaps by keeping a pet or smoking in the property.
  • Providing you with false information, references or credit card details (either upon application or later)

Does it take a long time to evict a tenant in Luton? 

Sometimes, yes. The procedures are designed to protect the tenant more than the landlord, and there is a very precise process you (or if at all possible, your solicitor) has to follow to evict someone effectively. 

Just a few of these steps would be choosing the correct type of eviction notice to use (based on the property and tenancy types), giving the tenant written notice of your intention to evict them, applying to the courts for a possession order for the property. Of course, if the tenant really wants to fight the process, it can get a great deal more complicated than that. 

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If you would like to know more about your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or what procedure you should follow to pursue an eviction, please contact us by filling out the form below or by ringing 020 31376336. We’ll be happy to talk the matter over with you during an initial discussion.

What is included in a Creativelegals eviction in Luton?

If you choose to instruct us as your solicitors in a tenant eviction procedure, we’ll learn all about you, your property and your tenant. Once we understand the situation properly, we’ll typically take the following steps:

1)    We’ll serve notice of your intent to evict

We’ll give the tenant notice in writing that you are demanding that they leave the property and pay any outstanding or arrears rent.

2)    We’ll take the matter to court

If the problem tenant refuses to leave at stage 1 or fails to pay their arrears, we will make the initial filings with the courts to take matters further. Typically, this includes obtaining a court order for the eviction and for payment of rent arrears. 

3)    If necessary, we’ll instruct bailiffs

If your tenant refuses to comply with the court orders in step 2, we’ll instruct bailiffs who can legally remove them by force. It may also be possible for the bailiffs to seize some or all of the tenant’s movable property, to offset the rent arrears owed. 

How long does an eviction take in Luton?

That all depends on the facts of your specific case. If they have broken the terms of their tenancy agreement with you, you may have to give them as little as 4 weeks’ notice to vacate, or as much as 6 months. It all depends on your agreement, and exactly which terms they have broken. COVID-19 has also made the notice periods longer than they used to be. 

If the tenant has not broken any term of the tenancy agreement but the agreement still allows an eviction, you will typically have to give at least 6 months’ notice. Again, this is due to the eviction ban and the coronavirus eviction changes. 

Get in touch with our expert tenant eviction team in Luton today

If you need to remove a tenant from one of your properties, or even if you simply want to know exactly what your rights are in a particular case, we invite you to contact us by filling out the form below or by ringing 020 31376336. We’ll be happy to talk the matter over, and to help you determine all of your options. 

Residential Conveyancing

Buy or sell a property in Luton with confidence

Moving home is said to be one of the most stressful processes you’ll experience in your life. Aside from the logistical challenges of uprooting your home from one location to another, there is a host of legal issues. This is why a good conveyancing solicitor is vital.

Conveyancing is a specialist area of the law which governs the selling, buying or re-mortgaging or transfer of property. This can be extremely complicated which is why we can be on hand to help you at every step of the way.

As a full service law firm we have a huge amount of experience in all areas of the law and can provide specialist conveyancing solicitors to help you with any issues you face. At every step of the way, we will be there providing expert advice and guidance.

Our services cover:
  • Purchasing a property: All your legal obligations such as dealing with registry at the land registry and payment of relevant taxes such as stamp duty.
  • Selling a property: Dealing with all your legal responsibilities during a sale such as disbursement checks and transfers.
  • Remortaging: We’ll cover all the details to make the process of remortgaging as affordable and efficient as possible.
Selling a property in Luton

If you’re selling a property, we’ll help you fill out forms which provide your buyer with essential information such as boundaries, disputes or charges as well as title deeds from the land registry.

We can then work on the drafting and approval of the contract and making sure these are fully agreed between both the buying and selling parties. Once this has been completed and any enquiries resolved, we can handle the exchange of contracts, the transfer of deeds and completion of the sale.

Buying a property in Luton

If you’re buying, our team can manage all essential processes such as managing the survey which may alert you to any structural problems with the building, managing offers of mortgages, organising information searches and raising any enquiries with the seller and their legal team.

Once these have been resolved, we manage the drafting and agreement of contracts and all pre completion proceedings such as requesting the mortgage from your provider. We will also prepare a transfer deed for you to sign and organise for the transfer of the deposit.

Finally, we’ll manage completion and post completion processes such as the payment of stamp duty.


As with many other things, Covid 19 has made buying and selling property much more complicated. The Government has advised against buying or selling a home at this time. However, if a sale is already in process it may be unavoidable.
There may be all sorts of issues such as if contracts are delayed or if a deal falls through. Although this can be extremely stressful, we can provide full expert advice and, when possible, fight to protect your interests.

Conveyancing specialists

At times, the legal requirements of selling and buying property can feel overwhelming. However, our team can take on the burden, manage all the paperwork and ensure all legal requirements have been completed. To find out more, or for an informal discussion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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