Evictions: How to Evict Your Tenant Successfully & Speedily – Coronavirus eviction ban

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Can you send an eviction notice during Coronavirus? Can you evict a tenant during Covid-19? These are questions that I am asked frequently.

As per my previous podcast, as a landlord, you are unlikely to be able to successfully evict your tenants until 2021. That’s on the premise that serving an eviction notice post the eviction ban (August 2020) means your initial notice would expire in November 2020. Thereafter, if the tenant does not vacate the property you would need to issue court proceedings. The process between issuance of their proceedings and receiving a possession order has been on average 6 – weeks sometimes longer. This is dependent on how busy the court is and whether or not your paperwork is in order. It also depends on whether or not the tenant has filed a defence, in which case the matter could be protected for even 12 months or in some cases longer.

So, if you issue court proceedings in the middle or the latter part of November you’re unlikely to get a possession order this side of Christmas. You and I know that after the possession order if the tenant does not vacate, you still need to make another court application for a warrant for possession. In light of the potential avalanche of possession proceedings, further delays are likely.

Therefore, we need to put our best foot forward to ensure that we stand a fighting chance of succeeding in this eviction battle. I feel that’s the only way. Do you agree? If yes, listen to this podcast and let us find a way.





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