Lease Options: What Are You Getting Yourself Into (Heads of terms)

Evictions and Lease Options are our speciality.

Today we discuss how to make sure you are protected- safe as houses – steps to ensure you do that.

What are you getting yourself into?

Lease options: Heads of Terms

Is your lease option legally binding?

You want to ensure that your lease option agreement is drafted in a way that will protect you and that it is watertight as a submarine. We are not going down the titanic route

Is your lease option enforceable – imagine investing thousands of pounds renovating and refurbishing a property and paying the mortgage on someone’s property for 10 years only to find that the document you signed is unenforceable? I’ll be taking you through best practice on how to ensure your investment is secure and enforceable.

So, today we talk about – heads of terms- what are you getting yourself into.


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