Rent Arrears: How to Deal with a Tenant in Arrears – Evictions

Rent arrears are mounting. These are unprecedented times for everyone. Particularly with the extended eviction moratorium.

What do you do if your tenant falls into arrears, particularly during the coronavirus eviction ban? Today we discuss the options available to you should your tenant stop paying rent.

Early contact is key. You must make contact with your tenant as soon as reasonably possible to discuss:

(1) the cause of the arrears;

(2) the tenant’s financial circumstances – could you encourage them to complete an income and expenditure form

(3) the tenant’s entitlement to benefits – this could help them and it could also help you in the long run as the payments could be made directly to you depending on the type of benefits they are entitled to.

(4) and repayment of the arrears – are you able to agree a payment plan that is affordable for the tenant. Sometimes it is better to receive some rent than no rent

You must contact each named tenant separately.

Listen in for all the suggestions of what else you can do. Do feel free to share any other suggestions you may have.

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