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  • MORE TIME to state your legal case to a qualified lawyer
  • MORE TIME for an in-depth evaluation of  your case 
  • MORE TIME for us to give you advice relating to your specific circumstances

And, as you’ve already registered with us, we’re able to offer you a 

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Before your 30-minute session, we’ll invite you to send us any documents relating to your case. We’ll review these ahead of our meeting, ensuring we’re in a position to:

                  • Provide legal advice that’s tailored to your circumstances

                  • Help you understand your legal position

                  • Give you professional input which you can use to make informed decisions


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What Clients Say About Our Service

I left the Fixed Fee consultation feeling empowered to make the write decision.

Mr Jones

Creative Legals lawyers are highly knowledgeable in property litigation matters. I managed to complete my money claim with helpful information I received during the consultation. Money well spent! I am glad I opted for the FIXED FEE consultation.


Isn’t £100 A Lot Of Money?

Getting fined up to £10,000 for not protecting your tenant’s deposit is a lot of money.

Not having a legal professional on your side and paying out on settlements or losing out through fines is a lot of money.

And failing to provide the right documents at the start of a tenancy and facing a prison sentence as a result—that’s a big risk to take.

However, having professional legal assistance from Creative Legals can help you avoid the pitfalls of being a landlord. 

So we’re convinced you’ll find £100 is money very well spent.