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Auction Legal Pack

Selling or buying a property at auction?

When you have a need for speed, you need expertise. And Creative Legals is the only UK law firm that specialises in providing quick and quality auction conveyancing services to people buying or selling properties at auction.

Don’t risk losing out on a sale or purchase by hiring lawyers who only focus on auctions part-time. We help auction buyers and sellers all day, every day, and our dedication and experience mean we work FASTER, SMARTER AND BETTER than anyone else in the auction conveyancing space.

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Selling your property at auction?

You want your house sold yesterday. The pressure is on, and you need auction conveyancing lawyers to take some of the burdens off your shoulders. That’s what we are here for.

• Get us to prepare a RICS-compliant auction legal pack for you at lightning speed

• We’ll handle auction conveyancing of the sale after exchange through to completion

• We charge a competitive fixed fee. Prices start at just £450 plus VAT

• No hidden charges – you’ll always know how much you’re paying and what you’re paying for

• No sale, no legal fee guarantee – you could benefit from our no sale, no fee guarantee where if you don’t find a buyer at auction, you don’t pay us any fees

Buying a property at auction?

Looking for an expert assessment of the auction legal pack? Or have you just purchased a property at auction, that dream development that’s going make you a tidy profit, and now the clock’s ticking?

 You need solicitors to complete the purchase within 28 days. That’s what we’re here for.

  • Use our expertise to thoroughly assess and give you advice on the auction legal pack
  • Let us help you navigate the common auction pitfalls and hidden charges in the “small print”
  • Trust us to give you the best chance of winning at bidding
  • We’ll help you meet the tightest of auction completion deadlines
  • We charge a competitive fixed fee. Prices start at just £300.
  • You’ll never pay any hidden charges because we’re always upfront and transparent about our prices

About Creative Legals

Our team members have been preparing and reviewing auction legal packs for over 20 years.

We understand the process for sellers and buyers, and are dedicated to providing a faster, smarter, and better service.

We’re here to help, not confuse you. That’s why all our services are provided in clear and plain English. No confusing jargon. Just simple, easy to understand language and a hassle-free approach.

Start by getting a free quote today. Or, if you need to discuss our auction buyer or seller legal services, why not book a free consultation with us.

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