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Are You Interested In Buying Auction Properties?

Would you like to maximise profit by mitigating ever-rising property buying risks within the auctioning business?

Well, then you didn’t land here by mistake!

As you’re probably aware, the property auction business is all about certainty.

You want certainty when buying a property at auction because that’s a huge determinant of whether you’ll make a profit or not.

And if I’m so sure of one thing, it’s that profits are the biggest drive into you buying that property… Right?

So, please bear with me a bit because what I’ll share won’t only save you time and money, but it’ll also ensure you avoid any unnecessary drama.

Alright, so we have a set of documents called the Auction Legal Pack.

You’ve probably heard of the Auction Legal Pack. If not, it’s a pack of legal documents where the property seller packages all the property’s legal information. (Literally, anything legal to do with the property is in the Auction Legal Pack.)

And we cannot emphasise this enough; it’s absolutely crucial to read through the legal pack!

Every legal pack is different and comes with its own terms, which could determine whether you make losses or profits in the property you’ve just bought…

Sellers purposefully limit any risky information that might downplay the sale of their property

Now, without any disservice to you as the buyer, the Auction Legal Pack can be a tough read for a non-legal person.

Even some top esteemed legal heads struggle to go through and fully understand it.

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It contains many legal jargon and terms that are always changing.

I mean, it has complex info on:

  • Title deeds
  • Land registry
  • Special conditions of sale
  • Forms for fixtures and fittings
  • Forms with property and management information
  • Details of leases
  • Any tenancy agreements
  • Documentation for planning permissions

See what I mean? These are mountains of complex data with which even the slightest misinterpretation could have heavy implications.

And because it’s so important, my advice to you as an auction property buyer is the following:


A property could be in the best physical condition, but its overhanging legal issues could cause your downfall.

A good example is property ownership

When it comes to auction properties, it’s assumed that the seller is the owner of the property

But in reality, maybe the true landowner is deceased and the person selling the property is just a caretaker of the property.

Sometimes you find that maybe the property belongs to the seller’s uncle, aunt or grandparents who might have passed on or even relocated elsewhere.

So, the time when ownership is being claimed by the true inheritors, the scene can get a bit messy!

Carefully assessing and analysing the Auction Legal Pack could help mitigate these problems.

And unlike normal property buying (via an estate agent), auctions are completely different.

When buying a property through a real estate agent, all the legal actions are done for you after you agree to the price.

Now, this is nice because if your solicitor finds anything strange, they can pull you right out of the deal.

In the auction setting, however, things work completely differently.

With buying at auction, you’re expected to read and handle all the legal work before bidding.

In much bolder terms, this simply means it’s assumed you’ve read all the legal paperwork. So, any misaligned information you might have is all on you.

No one will be held responsible for any legal actions that occur after you’ve bought the property.

If your property’s land had title issues, you face the law and potential financial repercussions…

In my opinion, you’re already doing enough by just being courageous enough to risk your money on some property (this is just a property you’ve found in an auction; there are many things you don’t know about it)!

In our experience, having a guide and expert with vast experience in the property auctioning field is simply irreplaceable.

Before going for that auction and deciding to risk your money on that property, you should MOST DEFINITELY have a legal expert carefully review the Auction Legal Pack.

You might think that this is something you can overlook…

But trust me… When one day you get a phone call with a hoarse male voice telling you to prepare because tomorrow is the day your property gets demolished because it was on that land illegally, that’s when you know we were right.

And luckily for you, you’ve met the right people. You’ve met us!

We’re the right people to help you seamlessly navigate through reviewing the legal pack.

We translate all the legal jargon in the Auction Legal Pack into piecewise information you can easily understand.

We’ll give you crucial advice (based on our years of experience) on whether the potency of the property in auction is worth risking your hard-earned money.

You could miss one paragraph in the Auction Legal Pack, and BOOM! – you lose hundreds of thousands of pounds or even millions.

Just Imagine… One paragraph could be the fine line between your success or failure.

So, I believe you’ll make the right choice!

We offer a full legal pack review service with detailed reports alongside comprehensive Zoom/telephone meetings.

We’ve helped tons of auction buyers already. And our dedication and experience mean we work faster, smarter, and better than anyone else in the auction conveyancing space!

Many auction property buyers end up regretting purchasing a home without detailed auditing of the legal pack…

Huge losses were made – and by losses, I’m talking millions. That’s what’s at stake here.

Luckily for you, though, we’ve made our esteemed services very easy to access!

Just schedule a call with one of our experts today, and we’ll get back to you immediately.

I’m sure there are one or two things you’ll discuss that could save tons of money and time, so here’s the link: FREE CONSULTATION

Take the time to talk to us. Even if you’ve already gone through your legal pack, I’d suggest having one of our experts cross-check it for full approval!

Sounds good? Well, then I trust you’ll make the right decision before tying yourself to that purchase.

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