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Welcome to the Property Investor Show!

Ms. Julie Condliffe and her award winning Law Firm, Creative Legals can help you with all property related legal matters

Julie Condliffe was awarded the Specialist Auction Solicitor of the Year 2022 by the SME News magazine and Creative Legals received the award for the Best Boutique Auction Law Firm 2022.

Julie is the founding and managing partner with more than 20years’ experience in the property sector, specialising in auction conveyancing, commercial lease renewals and property litigation. Julie has been working in this area since she qualified and has helped thousands of property investors, landlords and companies.

Julie Condliffe is a sought after speaker and writer on property and other matters. She has written articles for leading papers and magazines to include the Law Society Gazette, which she has also featured.

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Understanding Auction Legal Pack

How can we help you?

We review Auction legal packs in 24 hours

If you’re buying a property at auction, you’ll know the need for speed is vital. That’s why we provide a professional and thorough auction legal pack review service in just 24 hours.

We help landlords in evictions and other property related matters

We provide effective, creative solutions to the everyday problems you face as a Landlord. We take the time to really get to know you, your business, and your overall legal situation. That enables us to provide innovative solutions that really work for your benefit.

We create Lease Option agreements

The concept of option agreements is an old age legal concept that has been practised in the UK and many other countries. An option contract allows the buyer to buy at a later date contingent on specific terms stated in the agreement being met. It is from this very same concept that lease option contracts operate.

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She’ll be on the following panels.

  1. Friday 7th | 14.15 | Theatre 5 | Ask the Property Lawyers
  2. Saturday 8th | 13.00 | Theatre 5 | Buying at Auction

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